About Justin

I’ve always really enjoyed photography. Photos capture a moment in time, and the best photos tell a story of the people, places, and events they document.

Justin's First StepsWhen my mother tells people that she took a photo of my first steps, she explained it wasn’t luck; I was reaching at the camera. Back then a photo was a gadget, and I always liked gadgets. I loved pressing buttons whenever I could.

I received my first digital camera as a gift in 1999. (It was a Sony Mavica FD-73, and it recorded images in their 640×480 pixel glory onto a 3.5″ floppy disk.) I started really experimenting and finding that cameras were much more than just a gadget. Photography does take a lot of button pressing to master, but as I took more and more photos, I learned about composition, story, and the power of a good photograph.

My friends today know me as the guy who carries a camera everywhere. I love to record and tell stories with photography. I love showing who people are with photos, not just how they look. And as I spend more time with photography, I try to explore new projects that help me capture my perspective of the world, one frame at a time.