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Insta: thenortheastyogi · Maine

Portland, Maine, is one of my favorite places in the world. It has such an amazing energy and vibe – not to mention a ton of great places to eat. Maine’s largest city is about a two-hour drive away, though, which makes it tough to make it down to the PWM as often as I’d like.

Meeting someone like Kat Cynewski is a great excuse to make the drive. Kat and I had been taking about doing a yoga shoot for a while, but we’d never been able to sync our schedules to make it happen. Luckily on the first day it was (barely) warm enough to do photos in 2018, we were able to meet up and take a few shots around the Portland peninsula.

Kat’s one of those maddening people who can do it all and make it look easy. Besides her own yoga practice, she teaches classes around northern New England, holds yoga retreats, and leads unique fitness and wellness events through her Be Well Portland company.

It was an absolute pleasure to start the year off right with some fun yoga photos with Kat! Be sure to follow her adventures as @thenortheastyogi.